L’HA! LASER HARP is a state-of-the-art multimedia installation designed to provide collaborative art experiences for audiences of all ages and skill levels. Participants create sound and light scapes by plucking, holding and/or dancing through L’HA!’s low-power laser beams. As movement becomes sound and sound becomes light, LHA! users get to experience synesthesia, the exhilarating phenomena of sensory crossover. Inviting, mysterious, surprising, naturally collaborative and massively fun - wherever LHA! appears participants are drawn back to play with it over and over again.



L’HA! is unlike any other laser harp or interactive art installation in that it gives users the ability to flawlessly improvise highly complex music with a matching light show on the surrounding walls. Since L’HA! always plays in tune and on time, even a three year old cannot play a wrong note. As a result, the thrill of professional DJ-ing is now available to everyone.



LHA! features a constantly evolving audiovisual playlist on an immersive 8.1 surround-sound audio system. L’HA! features a variety of soothing ambient soundscapes, highly danceable House, Techno, Dubstep, Breakbeat, Trap, Funk, World Music and percussion journeys, as well as otherworldly experimental sound compositions built with human voice. Content is customized for each environment in which L’HA! appears. 



L’HA! is available for installation at museums, music/art/technology festivals and unique environments.

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